Four people came

by Frankie Ann Smythe

Four people came to the clinic that day
Two of them walking and two of them growing
But soon only two lives would shuffle away
Silent and shocked, frozen and knowing

Last night in my dream, as I moved and I roamed
I walked through the shiny and sparkling, white place
Two pretty young women were lying alone
I looked in the rooms and I saw each clean face

The first one shook wildly as she thrashed up and down
Her wrists, they were tied to the sides of the bed
I couldn’t escape from the flailing—the sound—
The pain in her face seared the sight in my head

The other laid still and she saw me arrive
For she was a lady who recognized me
I sat by the bed, putting her hand in mine
The change in her heart, how it hurt me to see

I stood up and gave her a kiss on her head
The tenderness pained her and she jerked away
The words that she spoke and the way they were said—
Showed me the deaths that had happened that day

And after I awoke, I remembered the song
The one I heard last week that sure made me cry
I prayed and I asked my dear God, “Oh, how long?”
The tears wet my face as I asked again: “Why?”

“When will the end come, when will we see truth?”
I prayed and I asked as I sought the Lord’s face
The Spirit of Truth, oh he knows as he moves
Shining light in new hearts that he showers with grace

The two who reached heaven today in my dream
With suffering short and their victory long
Are children most cherished by Jesus, our King
Praising God as they dance and they sing him a song

Healing through scripture and song
Be encouraged by God’s word: 2 Chronicles 14:11.

I pray that these three songs by Sovereign Grace will bless you as they have me.
“Come, O Sinner” ~ the song in the poem (“…I remembered the song”)
“See How He Loves Us”

“Four People Came” is dedicated to four healing groups who seek and declare truth. Please encourage and support them as the Lord leads you.

Someone Cares ~ serving post-abortive women
Human Coalition ~ serving families facing crisis pregnancy
And Then There Were None ~ serving abortion workers
Sovereign Grace Music ~ serving believers through song

Coming next: Come back soon for more in our Forgiving series. Thank you for reading and for Choosing Peace.

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